That night..

images (35)That night….


That mystery.. which I din’t let unfold..

That story.. which was left untold..

That dark night.. the darkness it brought..

That heartless devil.. And me.. who fought and fought..


My shivering heart.. My attempt for rescue with every breath..

I sufferred what can be said to be more frightening than death..

My mind gave me strength. . My arms fluttered,

My pride.. my self-confidence was murdered!



Not only my body.. but my soul cried..

I was helpless but I tried and tried..

He scratched my life.. he tore my dreams..

He snatched away my respect nd self esteem..


My heart screamed in pain..

All my efforts were in vain..

Helplessness is all that was left..

“Me from myself”, I was theft!


Days have passed, but that night still haunts me..

Yes, it has been years when I last saw myself really happy!

Still I am told not to utter a word to any ear..

“You are the criminal, not the rapist” is all that I hear!


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