“Forever” Promises

images (36).jpg

A broken heart she was.. one who always smiled..
Could not share what was inside her.. kept them getting piled..
She met him and was as usual determined..
Not to open up with him.. so again she fakely smiled..

But he was a gem, unaware was she..
Behind her fake smile, the sadness he could see..
He held her hand, and made her feel free..
He helped her lost soul find its destiny..

She started blooming, who has stayed half dead..
He made her smile and blushes made her cheeks red..
She started to enjoy the little things of life,
Once who had tears in her eyes whenever she went to bed..

Fulfilled she felt, now she smiled from inside..
She was the one who had seen his darkest side..
She fell for him, but kept her feelings aside..
As they both had chosen to remain by each other’s side..

They decided to make each other happy..
No matter how and what the situations be..
They supported each other constantly..
And became such friends, which made others envy..

Ups and down, happiness or pain..
They decided never to lose such a gain..
Once they had lost the trust in “forever”,
But now, they believed in “Forever” once again..


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