The love beyond love..

images (33)The love beyond love..

He splashes his thoughts through words..
And I get drenched in it..
He flows through river of his ideas..
And in it, I just dissolve bit by bit..

His tears, my eyes..
His happiness, my heart smiles..
His sadness, my soul cries..
Just for a glance of his, I can cover miles and miles..

He sprinkles the glitters of his notions ..
I get mesmerised by the sparkle..
His trust turn into my beliefs..
His innocent lies makes me startle..

His stories, my imagination..
His poetry, my rhythm generates..
His lyrics, my voice..
Which through my soul, penetrates..

His fragrance, in which I merge..
His essence, in which i fade..
His confidence makes me glaze..
His presence provides me shade..

His breath makes me alive..
For his peace, every second, I strive..
His little joy soothes me..
The calmness I feel is enough to live this life..

The love for him, is beyond explanations..
That emotion, that passion, I cannot express..
The deep feeling inside my heart is buried equally deep inside..
As the one for whom this heart beats is already devoted to someone else..


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